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Blackening Anodizing Abrasive Blasting Buffing-Polishing Projects


We have been getting an increasing interest from people wanting abrasive media. Particularly Black Beauty. While we do use it, we don't currently supply or stock it, The interest is enough to consider doing so. If you could take a few seconds and fill out the short form below, it would help us determine how to move forward with providing such a service. And we may be able to service you in the very near future.

Black Beauty Abrasive Media Survey Form

While this survey is primarily for Black Beauty Media, if you have another need, we'd be glad to hear it. Just enter the name of the media here.
  1. How many bags are you looking for right now?    (# of 50 lb. bags)

  2. How much do you think you would need on an annual basis?   (# of 50 lb. bags)

  3. Do you have ability to unload via forklift, crane or other method if ordering a larger quantity?

  4. What kind of lead time do you expect for such a service?
    24 hr.   Few days   Couple Weeks  Other  

  5. What kind of price would you expect to be fair for your immediate need?    (per 50 lb. bag)

  6. Would you like us to contact you when we add this service to our business?

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