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Click to see a before and after of our Blackening/Bluing process.

Blackening is the process of chemically converting the surface of metal (usually steel) to a black oxide. Oxide is a term for rust, but if formed in the correct conditions will create a structurally patterned form of rust called oxide. The blackening process that we utilize is called a hot process. Which means that our blackening solution temperature is elevated to 285 degrees to accomplish the black oxide process. As you may know water boils at 212 degrees... so this process is best done by professionals (1) for obvious safety reasons and (2) experience will give you a professional final finish. The alternative that many people utilize is called a cold or room temperature blackening process. These can be obtained at many places often times cheaper, but be warned that many of these products will not hold a candle to our hot process and usually you get what you pay for in this case.

Blackening is another name for bluing. Bluing is an old term often referred to when finishing gun barrels and parts. A chemical that was used for bluing has since been outlawed. So there really isn't any true bluing anymore like you see on older guns. When you request for a gun part to be blued, you will actually get a black part. Be aware that many single shot gun receivers may come out as a reddish tinted piece. If this is not acceptable to you we have a black bake on paint that is very durable.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent finish for parts that will be shelved for later processing
  • No dimensional (tolerance) change. No extra tolerencing is needed for design when finishing parts with this process. The thickness of the coating is only 10's of millionths of an inch thick.
  • Very cost effective process.
  • Corrosion protection
  • Improved lubricity
  • Decorative finish
  • Reduced light glare
  • Pre-treatment for paint
  • Good conductivity retained
  • No embrittlement or pitting
  • No welding fumes


Turnaround time is 1 week
Our standard turn around time is 1 week. Many times if we have your parts by Friday we can have them done by the following Monday depending on the scope of work required.
Large quantity processing
We have the capability of processing large quantities of part thanks to our dual temperature, dual tank processing line.
Maximum part dimensions
Length - 42" plus or minus depending on part width
Width - 24" plus or minus depending on part length
Depth - 24" plus or minus depending on over all size of part due to displacement of solution
Fast quotes
Fax, email, or phone us on what you want to process and we can have a quote back to you asap.

BlackCote uses chemicals that conform to the following specifications and certifications:

  • MIL C-13924-Class 1
  • MIL HDBK-205A
  • AMS-2485


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