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Blackening (bluing)

This is our specialty service. We provide high quality black oxide finish to regular steel products. We use what is normally called a hot black oxide process which can't be matched with cold (or room temperature pocesses. Click to find out more.

Abrasive Blasting

We have a blasting cabinet which we can  clean parts to prep them prior to any of our metal finishing processes. We use a variety of medias to achieve the look you desire. And we keep all media separated by the material it was used on to prevent cross contamination of your parts. Click to find out more.

Buffing & Polishing

We can buff and polish your part to a brilliant shine prior to blackening or just as a seperate service to you. This process brings out the beauty in or blackening process. Often times in the right light, you will see the blue hue in your parts after blackening if it is polished before hand.Click to find out more.


We currently are capable of small parts annodizing. Anodizing is the process of creating a structurally stable oxide layer on aluminum. This layer can be colored any color you want and then sealed to maintain color and corrosion protection. Click to find out more.


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