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Here at BlackCote, we aim to please. We do our best on everyone's treasured possessions. We have many gunsmiths that send or bring firearms to our shop and are very pleased with what we do. Some give us just the parts and barrels already prepped to re-blue. Some send us parts that need prep work done. And some will give us a whole gun to process from disassembly all the way back to assembly. We're easy to work with and our prices are very competitive. See the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below prior to contacting us for firearm related questions. As much as we enjoy answering questions, we still need some time to work on everyone's guns or projects. Help us help you.


  • How much will it cost to re-blue my gun (any make or model)?

This is difficult question because we see guns of all conditions. Ones that have laid in a barn for a decade, ones that have been in a house fire, and ones that only have a slight bit of wear to the bluing. Also not all guns have steel receivers or frames... and not all are made from high quality steel that take the bluing process well. These will need painted or Anodized and therefore require more work. So the price varies with conditions, materials, and what your desire is of the final product. Also if we start with gun that is broken and need parts or mechanical repair would factor into cost as well. The level of polishing is another factor in cost. So when asking for prices... please email us pictures (overall and close ups of problem areas), give as much detail that you know about the gun including make and model, and what you wish us to do to it, and we'll give you our best guess at the final cost.

  • What kind of bluing do you do?

We do hot bluing only and only on regular steels used in most rifles, shotguns and pistols. Stainless is possible with the same process we use but requires different salts to achieve the same results.

  • Does BlackCote have a FFL?

Yes. We maintain and Federal Firearms License to legally hold your firearms for processing. As a side benefit of this license we may also sell you firearms directly or ship them to a local FFL holder near you. See this page for more info. And you can have firearms purchases shipped to us from another FFL.

  • Can I have guns shipped to or from BlackCote?

Yes. If you want work done to your personal guns, you can ship them direct to us without shipping through another FFL holder. Please follow all mail carrier rules when shipping guns. We can only ship them back to the original owner.

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