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Before & After of a go kart piece

Valve Cover

This piece isn't anodized, but shows what we can do with cast pieces

Shinge guage in action

This is a handy tool designed and built by our company president. It's adjustable for differnt laps of shingles and reduces the need for repeated use of a chalk line and in turn reduces the time it takes to shingle a roof.

Shingle guage in action

Would you like to have one or a couple hundred? Let us know and we'll custom make them to your specifications.

Shingle guage stop

Shingle guage spacer

Machining marks

Look carefully at the center of the piece. There is circular marks from machining. Any surface textures that you can see prior to anodizing you will see afterward.

Surface Texture

Look carefully at the surface texture and you will see a surface texture that was there prior to anodizing. If your surface finish is critical. It must look the way you want it pror to anodizing.

Before anodizing

This is a gas lid for an automobile prior to anodizing. It had a brush finish. Which we buffed most of it out to get more like a car paint finish after anodizing

After Anodzing

Gas lid after anodizing with a coat of clear coat pant. The clear coat was needed to get the shine of car paint


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